All Hands on Deck!

All Hands on Deck!

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Unlimited hours of consulting services*
Initial Review of current plan
AU Tool Kit Ebook
3 meetings/yr
Monthly Newsletter*
$750 retainer


We want to some of the frustration out of finding a tutor, camps, extra curricular activities, behavioral health services and more.

Meeting Support:
An experienced consultant will accompany parent to meetings such as IEP, 504 plan, etc.

Reinstatement meetings as well as meetings to address concerns such as bullying.

Compensatory Education Fund Services:
Do you have winnings that you are not sure how to use? If your child was awarded compensatory hours/funds we can help you manage their account, utilize those funds efficiently and get your child the education supports they are in need of.

Procedural Navigation:
Let us guide you through the who, what, when, where and how of the education and behavioral health systems .

Action Plan:
Work directly with an experienced consultant to create an action plan that will map out goals, next steps and preferred outcomes for your child's education and behavioral health success.

Transition Planning:
Whether your child is transitioning from pre-school/ daycare or from high school to the workforce or post-secondary education, we can help make the transition planning and process as seamless as possible.